Initially there is a ton of planning that goes into design and maintaining a successful garden. Research and prior knowledge will be some of your best friends in this process, and trust me you will learn as you go. The number one thing to remember is to not be discouraged if something does not turn out. It’s a learning curve and I can assure you, you will learn as you go. I could barely take care of a cactus until I started picking up books and avidly googling the traits of the trade. By this post, I had my plants selected due to past success rates in addition to wanting to challenge myself, for example the ever intimidating Lactuca sativa …. or better known as lettuce. But we will get more into that in the next post. There’s several different types of gardeners. The perfectionists (myself), the bare minimums, the half doers … No matter what type you are it is growing your own food is easy with a little dedication. I will include some pictures as I start my journey from mere seeds in a peat pot to a full blown harvest. Throughout my blog I will also include tips and tricks for successful gardening.


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