We have life!

My seedlings finally popped up after a few days growing in the Jiffy tray. With a bit of sunlight and regular watering we have success! The beets and lettuce popped up super quick just waiting for the peppers. The gestation period for pepper seeds is usually a little bit longer. For the lettuce seedlings, they love water. I was sure to water them a ton. The next step is to find translating containers for the time being while I finalize my final set up for the garden box. Usually people won’t transplant the seedlings to another container but in this situation I don’t have a choice unfortunately because the box isn’t done yet. Once I transplant, I will also have to thin out the seeds to ensure they aren’t over crowded. Overcrowding leads to slow growing weak plants, the lack of space and full sun with cause competition between them. Here’s some pictures of my seedlings!


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