Where do vegetables go for a few drinks?

“the salad bar”

My peppers finally gained some “pep” and caught up! I did do some transplanting as well for my other plants however a no go on the pictures yet (to come in the next post). I am starting to also map out the planting of all my seeds for the garden and finding out spacing. Larger vine growing plants like zucchini and melons are going to need a ton of room, as well as the tomatoes. That’s proving a bit difficult as they are hogging up a lot of my plot. One great thing about my lettuce seeds is I split the packet in half. Lettuce and beets are quick enough growing plants that you can actually plant them twice a season, so this will be my first bunch. I have some pictures below of my pepper plants, plus I have a few orphaned lettuce pods that weren’t ready to be transplanted yet. They needed a bit more nurturing in the Jiffy.


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