Hear it from Harvard ….

Hey everyone! Please take the time to read over this article below from Harvard Health. The team at Harvard goes into detail regarding the benefits of growing your own food. Not only do home grown foods taste better but you also get a ton of other benefits including:

  • control – control of harvesting times, what you grow, and what comes into touch with your food whether it be the fertilizer, soil, etc. Picking food at the right time ensures the most nutrient dense product. Many foods from the grocery stores are picked before maturity and are then actually aged in transportation or in specialized rooms
  • better sourcing – imagine just having to walk outside for your food, rather than travel to the grocery store … plus this will save on grocery bills for trips that you do take. This availability will also help you eat more healthy 
  • physical exercise – even though you may do things to keep the weeds down in your garden you still do need to maintain it to ensure the highest product yield, that takes movement which is exercise … plus it’s more fun than sitting on a treadmill or lifting weights. 

Backyard gardening: grow your own food, improve your health


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