Benefits of Gardening Tarp

One of the best tips anyone can give regarding gardening is going to be gardening tarp. If you want the benefits of a garden but don’t have the time to garden everyday after your 9-5, gardening tarp can definitely be your life saver. It is fairly simple to install and utilize. There are ton of varieties at different price points, at several retailers. I bought my roll in bulk and just cut a piece off to fit the size of my garden each season. If you want to be super organized, you can measure and pre-cut the diameters for your plants. For the larger ones that will need cages it might be difficult i.e. tomatoes. You can always cut out the tarp after planting as well it just might not look at pretty. The benefits are endless. You will have less weeds, and less chance for mold for your vine plants which is a big issue especially for zucchini and cucumbers. After measuring your tarp, laying it out and securing it (usually with small hoop hooks that go into the ground) you will want to cover with mulch. This will also prevent weeds emerging.

gardening tarp


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